Bar Scene in ChiwiMerican

The filming of the bar scene where I play the girlfriend of the MMA Fighter was completed today. The comedy short film directed by Chris Chung follows 3 young men on an adventure that leads them into  mayhem, the bar scene is one of the places they do so. My role is quite fiery but in a humorous way, you even get to hear me shout Greek in it!!. Overall a very funny scene. It will be sent to various film festivals, and I can see it doing very well indeed. It has a diversity of comedy roles, and each to their individual bring great viewing, it had me in stitches when filming it! Will put up a trailer when its completed.

ChiwiMerican Short film

Happy to say i was offered a part in new upcoming short film ChiwiMerican directed by Chris Chung, its is a comedy short film by dynamic studios. I will play the part of a cage fighters girlfriend who gets chatted up in a bar but in the wrong way, which leads to confrontations and dramas. Filming takes place next week, so will have more information on my new exciting role.