‘It’s all about love’ Music video

featured in music video ‘it’s all about love’, the track samples the voice of John Demartini who is a US lecturer on human behaviour. The style of the track is very similar to baz luhrman’s sunscreen. This track looks at self acceptance, positivity, being happy with what what you have achieved which you will see in the section I’m featured in. Worked with director/producer Jessica Pearce and director of photography Alain cross who were great to work with. Look forward to seeing the outcome of the video which we will able to see next month.

Devastated Woman in Gift face Motorola Viral

Was happy to be featured as one of the faces for the motorola giftface viral showing ¬†6 different reactions to us receiving gifts at Christmas. My reaction is the Deveststed lady, the idea behind my character is that I’m given a gift from a boyfriend that is definately not what I imagined it to be! You will see the devastation in my facial expressions! Here is the link to view it.


Motorola Viral

Worked with award winning Weber Shandwick on a Motorola Viral directed by Liam Simpson. I played the devastated woman where the idea behind it is around christmas where I’m given a gift and how I react towards what im given. hopefully will be able to share it with you soon, enjoyed working on it.

Featured in music video Fun shun

Here is the link to the Asian music video I am featured in by singer simar padda-fun shun. The music video is directed by bittu khangurha. It was my first Asian music video, good experience fun shoot to be apart of.


Music Video Teaser

This is a teaser to the upcoming music video that I was featured in as one of the two lead females. It’s the first Asian music video I have been involved in, and it’s for a simar padda, directed by bittu khangurha.

Here’s link to the teaser, will post full music video when it’s out very soon.


Latest blog on me with behind the scenes pictures from catalogue shoot

here is a link to the latest  blog done on me giving you more insight of what iv been up to in my acting career lately, and also gives you a sneek peek of the outfits I modeled for lately for the new catalogue for Mahir London.