Still Photos as Miss Santa, the story behind Kissing Miss Santa

Worked with proffesional photographer Tim Slader on his on going Estate Project based in surrey. The character i modelled for was Miss Santa, this was to portray one of many of the different characters involved in the different stories Tim has collected in the history of this estate. The story behind my character is called kissing miss santa. Tim has already had great interest in his project so hopefully great things to come out of it. its all about capturing the right images to go with the story involved, and Tim is highly professional and takes great pride to get the images perfect for each story. I look forward to seeing the pictures in the next month.

First distribution for Pre-commitment in Germany

Great news that Pre-commitment, the short film I played lead female Simeone which won 4 awards in the International Film festivals, has had its first distribution from another country. Thank you Germany! It’s together with Trinityx production’s first feature and other short film total reaction. Here’s the link to the German website.

and also here’s the link to the trailer of Pre-commitment

Chiwimerican link

Here is episode 2 of 3 of Chiwimerican where i feature as the greek girl not to be messed with! It’s a comedy of 3 episodes directed by Chris Chung, Silver Koi films. I very much enjoyed doing this scene, found it very hilarious to do. You will even get to hear me speak a bit of Greek!  Do watch also the other two episodes to see the complete version. Here is the link to episode 2, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it.